Aadhar Card is one of the most awaited schemes of Indian Government. It is just like an America’s card that is unique to every individual. It is a twelve digit number that is issued by UIDAI, the regulatory body under which Aadhar Card scheme is designed. With this card Indian citizens can enjoy various benefits that are introduced by Indian government. It is believed to be one of the most important ingredients to apply for loan or open a bank account in near future. Once you have Aadhar card, there is no need for you to produce other documents such as ration card or PAN card. These can be availed by all Indian citizens irrespective of age. It will help in establishing the identities of an individual.

If you have yet not got the card then you better apply today. If you are worrying about the Aadhar Card Procedure then it is very easy and fast. There is hardly much of the efforts that you have to put. All that you have to do is just visit the Aadhar enrolment centre in your locality and find out all the necessary details. Make sure that you carry along with you address proof and identification proof. This will not take much of your time. You can visit any enrolment camp that is set up by Indian government. You can also find out about detailed information on the official website about the Aadhar Card Processing Center.

Reading further you will get complete and clear understanding of the Aadhar Card Process. So, read on.

  • Make sure that you take along with you all the necessary and asked documents that support your identity as well as address proof. These documents also include photocopies of documents that are attested by gazetted officer. You will also be carrying Aadhar Card Enrolment form to the camp that is authorised by UIDAI.
  • When you will visit the enrolment camp, UIDAI appointed officials will verify the documents that you are carrying before starting the procedure further.
  • The operator or enroller will insert all your details and then you will be asked to validate the information in order to ensure that there is no error.
  • Post that you have to undergo biometric checking that means your fingerprints will be taken along with the scanning of iris.
  • Next, enroller will take your photograph that will be published on your UID card.
  • With this your enrolment procedure will come to close.
  • At last, you will be given a printed slip that is an acknowledgement slip with all your details along with the enrolment number. With this comes to an end the process of getting enrolled for Aadhar Card.

Post that you can be assured to get the Aadhar card delivered right at your home. As far as Aadhar Card Procedure Time is considered, it entirely depends on the number of applicants present at the enrolment center. Within time of two to three months you will get the Aadhar card delivered at your home.

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