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For a long, the need for social security number has been felt in India. And, it was only a few years back that the concept was materialized in the form of Unique Identity Card. UID Project has been started with full enthusiasm with an objective to give each Indian a unique social security code that will work as its identity. With Aadhar card, every Indian citizen will have a unique number that will be his or her identity. Things will not only become a lot simpler for government when it comes to tracking down the details of an individual but life of Indian residents will also become a lot easier as they will no more be required to submit several documents to get an account opened in bank or apply for loan. You can easily check Aadhar Card Status by browsing through the official website of UID.

It is under the Planning Commission that The Unique Identification Authority of India is established. In other words, Planning Commission is the regulatory body for UAID project. There are many people who have either rolled for the Aadhar card or are all set do the same. The entire process of enrolling for UID card is very easy as you have to put in no extra efforts to get yourself a Unique Identity card. The camps are being organised throughout the country by the UIDAI body. All that you have to do is visit the camp along with necessary documents such as ration card, PAN Card or voter ID Card.

Once your documents are verified, you will be gearing up for biometric scanning. This is one of the most important steps in getting a UID card. Biometric scanning involves gathering information that is related to your physical appearance. Your fingerprints of all ten fingers will be taken. Along with it your iris will be scanned for the details. No two individuals can have similar fingerprints and iris, and these will be on your card. Using this, your identification will be made.

With Aadhar card, you can enjoy various benefits offered by Indian Government. If you have already applied for Aadhar and have not received it yet then worry not as Aadhar Card Tracking can be done online right from the comfort of your home. All that you have to do is visit the official website of the UIDAI and insert the enrolment number to get to know the details about Aadhar Card Current Status. Within a few second you will be getting complete details about your Aadhar Card.

In some cases where individuals fail to get details about their status might have to apply again. Although this happens very rarely but there is slight possibility that you might have to enrol again for the Aadhar Card. However, with the facility of Aadhar Card Online Tracking you can get all the details about the status of your card even if are very busy. So, get started now and Track Aadhar Card status from wherever you are provided you have broadband connection.

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